Driving Test

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Driving Test

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This system allows you to create driving test for your players. After successfully passing the test, they would receive a correspondent license. You may create as many routes and tests as you want. This system is highly customizable - see below.

 Full control of the test:

  • You can create tests for any kind of vehicle, even helis, planes or boats.
  • You can create as many routes for a single test as you want. The route will be selected randomly.
  • No limits for the amount of checkpoints.
  • You can adjust the allotted time to pass the test by the time multiplier in the config file.
  • You can set the vehicle to pass the test, price, checkpoint radius and other for each test.
  • The test will be failed not only if the time runs out, but also if you hit the vehicle.
  • You can declare different conditions to access the test. For example, you can give access to truck driving test only after successfully passing the car driving test.
Compatible with all frameworks
If this is your first product by init_studio, after downloading this product, you will have to fill in a simple Google Form to whitelist your servers. You will find full manual and link to the form inside a download archive.
This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

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