Bytex Marketplace is your platform for selling digital goods and services

Available across the globe

Bytex Marketplace is available in almost every country across the globe. By offering your products on this platform, you benefit from various international customers.

Many local payment methods

Customers benefit from many international and local payment methods available depending on their region.

Dispute management

Mitigate chargebacks and disputes through our managed system within the platform.

Integrated support platform

Use the integrated ticket system to offer support for your products to your customers without additional work.

Tools and utilities

Use the built-in utilities and tools to create licenses with different runtime lengths, integrate your own system through webhooks, view statistics about sales and much more.

Monthly payouts

Profit is paid out near the end of every month through bank transfers. View your vendor dashboard for the estimated amount.


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Frequently asked questions

Only digital products as in downloads or software as a service can be sold on this marketplace.
All vendors are required to provide support for their products. That means at least answering questions before and after the product has been purchased, as well as working together with customers to fix problems that need to be addressed by the vendor in form of an update.
Both permanent and time limited licenses can be configured. A product can have multiple runtime options with varying prices and runtimes.
Currently there is no automated system for recurring paymemts. A customer however will receive an email before his license runs out with a link to renew his license.
Besides the fees from the payment providers that we have no influence on, we charge a fee for handling the sales on the platform. There are no other hidden costs. Each vendor has an individual fee based on the product portfolio and sales figures that also adjusts over time depending on his performance. As a vendor you get your personal fee during the vendor registration process from your account manager.
Transaction fees will be refunded depending on how much of the original purchase price is being refunded. That means if a partial refund of 50% takes place, 50% of the transaction fee will be refunded.
Based on the information provided during the vendor registration process and the adjustable information on the vendor dashboards, invoices are automatically generated and send as an email to the customers. All invoices that are necessary for tax accounting are available in the vendor dashboard for download. The vendor fee is handled on a separate invoice that is only visible to the vendor.
All vendors that apply to sell their products on the market place are required to inform themselves on the tax regulations of their home country. Depending on the vendors location as well as the sales volume it might not be required to register a business. Vendors inside the EU that want to be appear on the platform as registered business need to provide company details as well as a VAT-ID during the vendor registration process. This information can be changed by contacting the account manager at any time. Please note that only with a VAT-ID, you will benefit from B2B advantages.
The money earned from sales is not instantly available. All earnings are transferred to the vendor as part of one payout per month. The account / payout method (typically bank wire or PayPal) can be discussed individually during the vendor registration process and can be changed any time by contacting the account manager.
Vendors can send an email to [email protected] to receive support or contact their account manager. Please include your account id that looks something like “K123456789” in the email to speed up the process. We will respond as quickly as possible.