Adding Products

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Vendors – Products Adding A New Product

This article describes how to add new products to your vendor profile. Adding products is a moderated process and cannot be finished automatically.

Publishing products requires a verified vendor account.

Product publishing progress

1. Submit basic information

Fill out the New Product page and submit all necessary information.
Please include the documentation within your product's downloadable archive.

2. Finalize the product presentation

After submiting the basic information, you can edit all other options of your product including

  • Product store page images
  • License options
  • Webhook configuration
3. Submit for review

Use the Submit For Review button on the products main editing page to call a moderator for review. We will then review your given information and the product itself. During this step, we might contact you again for further information if necessary.

4. Publish it

After you product has been reviewed, it will be put in the Hidden state. You can then publish your product by changing the Status field to Active.