Vendor Onboarding

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Vendors – Onboarding Introduction

This article describes how the onboarding process for new vendors works.

Onboarding Process

1. Register

Register an account and fill out all information you can provide about you and your business.

2. Contact

Send us an email at [email protected] with the following information

  • Information about you and your business
  • Details about the products and services you wish to offer on our Marketplace

A VAT-ID does not necessarily have to be supplied, however without a verified VAT-ID, you will not benefit from B2B advantages.

3. Review

We will then review your given information. During this step, we might contact you again for further information if necessary.

4. Profile completion

After your information has been reviewed, you get to customize your vendor profile and add other necessary information such as your bank address for payouts. Other than your vendor profile, you may also add other details such as your own terms and conditions the end user has to agree to before purchasing your products.

5. Add products

Your vendor profile creation is complete. You may now add products to your vendor account to submit them for review.
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