Mikero's Dos Tools

Great tool! Hands down! Working for DayZ SA! Mikero has done it again!

Awesome tool!

I cannot pack PBO and I create two service tickets but it seems nobody cares about it... The worst service I've ever had.

Broken half the time, despite installer & auto-updater... For this price I would expect the developer to know what he is doing. Or atleast try to make it a bit more user-friendly after all this time.

I'm a new modder but I figured things out fairly easily. There are some steps to set up but the instructions are very clear as long as you read them, like a lot of people I tried to use them right away without setting them up properly which isn't very smart lol. I ended up contacting support, they extremely fast with their reply, but also extremely helpful and pleasant. The tools are straightforward after set up, I'm happy to recommend them, if you can follow basic instructions you'll be fine

The tools might be crate, but the support given by mikero himself is the worst. Sadly.