Police System

This is a very nice system and works very well. The Creator is very helpful and I would recommend this script to anyone who wants to bring a whole other level to there Rp server. All the cops on my server love it and use it all the time. I ran into a few issues on my end but the Creator was very helpful and patient with me.

The script is very good. The system is working fine. Its functionality pleases. I recommend to everyone. I especially liked the attitude of the creator. I helped set everything up, did everything to make it work. I express my gratitude from our team. Thank.

Fast Support. Fast Answers.

I got ask for my custom Numberplate System an get after only 5 Minutes my personal Solution from the Autor.

Works realy good and not difficult.


Amazing script. Super easy install.

I really like this script. The Author/Vendor is very helpful and has been working on helping me fix a bug with the system that ONLY occurred on my server so far. He is very helpful and goes above and beyond.

I like it very much. Its easy simple and works just fine <3

This is a great script. Works really well and set up was a breeze. Instructions were clear for me but my only feedback would be is to make them a little more "spoon fed". Users with little to no technical understanding might not be able to follow them as well!

I purchased this system for my server recently. The installation is easy and well explained in the .txt that comes with this. Installation literally took a few minutes. Easily configurable for your server's specifications. Would highly recommend this to server owners who are serious about enhancing the RP experience of their server.

Easy to use, easy to use, suitable for playing RP.

Very very good!

Beautiful screenplay super recommended

This system is amazing