Convoy Sidemissions

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Convoy Sidemissions

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Convoy sidemissions allows you to add fully configureable AI driven missions to your Altis Life servers. Let players participate in automated events such as gold, weapon and drug transports, fight for the loot guarded by the configureable AI and make money the risky way.

  • Ready-to-use configs for gold and weapon transports
  • Customizeable vehicles
  • Customizeable routes
  • Customizeable AI difficulty and loot
  • Support for ArmA 3 and virtual Altis Life items
  • Customizeable which sides will be attacked
  • Intelligent script that keeps all units together
  • Low network traffic
  • Customize AI gear, weapons and clothes
  • Works with all Altis Life versions
Compatible with all Altis/Tanoa life versions

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An sich ne Nette Sache. Allerdings ist die KI etwas blöde und teilweise bleiben die Fahrzeuge einfach irgendwo stehen.

Aber sonst ne coole Sache.

Super Ding!

Great script

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