Non-Mod Lightbar

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Non-Mod Lightbar

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This script does not require any modifications. All included models work within the missionfile framework.

Equip emergency vehicles with a realistic lightbar.

This lightbar is an eye-catcher for emergency vehicles. Equip the most popular vehicles with it and set the realism on your server to a new level. This script includes a custom model, that can be used even without mods!

Supported vehicles: SUV, Offroader (+ Covered), Gendarmerie Van (Transport, Cargo), Van (Ambulance), Truck Boxer, Hatchback (+ Sport), MB 4WD.

Supported maps: Altis, Stratis, Malden, Tanoa, Livonia.


  • Custom lightbar model

  • Custom beacon light model

  • Realistic siren lights

  • Noob-friendly installation

  • Not obfuscated


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