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Are you tired of the old, buggy and featureless Altis Life vanilla gang system? No problem!
The AllianceApps gang system is an awesome and feature-rich solution to replace the vanilla one. Players will be able to join 2 different set of gangs - permanent and temporary. The latter is cheaper to create but will be deleted after a server restart. Our gang system will also store gang hideout takeovers permanently.

Gang leaders are able to set a gang tax. Gang members that must pay taxes will now automatically pay a fixed percentage into the gang bank. All features are controllable via an ingame permissions system - you can create groups with certain permissions and assign members to these groups.


  • Temporary and permanent gangs
  • Persistent gang hideout takeovers
  • Definable gangtags
  • Definable gang HQ with possible upgrades:
    • ATM
    • Shop
    • Hospital
    • General Store
    • Garage (with definable spawn position)
  • Definable gang description (HTML)
  • Limitable gang bank account (e. g. max. 200k, depending on gang level)
  • Gang taxes (is automatically deducated on every sale)
  • Changeable gang owner
  • Permissions system to change ranks (even possible when players are not online) with these permissions:
    • Invite new gang members
    • Kick gang members (even when they're offline)
    • Change gang HQ
    • Change gang HQ spawn
    • Deposit money to gang bank account
    • Withdraw money from gang bank account
    • Change gang description
    • Change gang taxes
    • Is tax payer (or not)
    • Delete gang
    • Upgrade gang HQ
    • Change ranks
    • Change permissions
    • Change gangtag
  • Existing gangs from vanilla Altis Life will be copied over to the new system automatically

Even though the screenshots are German, this product and tutorial is fully available in English and German.


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Why AllianceApps? It's simple:

  • We have been in business for over 2 years
  • We are one of the most trusted brands of Altis Life
  • Our tutorials are beatifully designed and easy to understand
  • We have over 65 5-star reviews on TrustPilot and a trust score of 9.7
  • We have served more than 1000 customers
  • Our scripts are NOT obfuscated, can be modified and we do not use annoying DRM addons
  • Our developer has more than 5 years in SQF experience
  • Our scripts are not overpriced (compared to many other vendors)
  • We do not steal source code from anyone

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