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Police System

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Police System(Computer Aided Disptach):


This project is meant to expand your roleplay experience as a law enforcement officer. 

The Police System is "Computer" that is accessible from any vehicle.

It Contains features that increase the Roleplay for both sides, Police and Civilians. 


Customization options:

  • All features mentioned below are customizable with clearance levels (cop level).
  • Able to add as much buttons you want in the side panel.
  • Able to whitelist certain licenses/vehicles to show up in the database.
  • All Notifcations are customizable (default: SystemChat)


  • - Overall Population Statistics
  • - Police Department Statistics

Civilians Database: Search for a player by name (Civilians only)

  •             - View civilian's warrants
  •             - View Registered Licenses, Capable to revoke
  •             - View Registered Vehicles

Threat Level System: Threat levels are based on the crimes/deaths. Levels(Code Green, Code Amber, and Code Red), threat levels description are changeable in the config file.

Warrant System: Warrants that can be issued by any Officer that has the valid clearance level.

Traffic Stop Report: Able to fill a report about a traffic stop.

License Plate Search: Search a vehicle license plate and retreive information from database. (Vehicle License Plate System is not included.)

BOLO: dispatch a bolo to all units

This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

Latest Reviews

This is a very nice system and works very well. The Creator is very helpful and I would recommend this script to anyone who wants to bring a whole other level to there Rp server. All the cops on my server love it and use it all the time. I ran into a few issues on my end but the Creator was very helpful and patient with me.

The System works wonderful, not only that the System by it self has the best features that you can see above but also the Developer is working active on updates and is also asking the community what they maybe want to see in the next updated and trys to realize it.

So i am very satisfied with the product and the Support given to it.
Five stars from me and a purchase recommendation for everyone who is searching for a good Police System.

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