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[AR] fInstall

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Looking for an easy way to keep your server(s) updated and installed? Look no further to fInstall’s design you’ll be happy with both installing and updating them. With a minimal or to-point interface you’ll be able to keep each server(s) installed and updated. Need battleye, no worries It'll set that up with you!

What it does;

  • Installs necessary java-jdk and gui-library
  • Button to "Download & Extract SteamCMD"
  • Button to "Installs server dependency"
  • Downloads & Updates server files

How it helps us;

  • Downloads each server into individual folder for ease of access
  • Installs required dependecy for an Arma Reforger's Server
  • Setup battleye rcon for each server
  • Download up to UNLIMITED servers
  • Verify the server’s files
  • Sets up a default server's config
Only Windows x64 servers are supported.



This product is only available for download and support while you have an active key.




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