Fini Notification System

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Fini Notification System

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Are you tired of systemChatting or hinting? Are you tired of boring notifications that no one notices? Get the Fini Notification System today!
Fini Notification System is a next-generation modular and easily editable notification framework.

Our system allows you to customise the notifications with an easy-to-use config file. If you're an advanced user you can also edit the script directly, as full source code is included.
The system is easy to install and use. A single line of script can be used to show a notification, so moving from a systemChat or other similar notification system to ours is super easy!

The Fini Notification System is used by some of the biggest servers in Arma, including Anzus Gaming. If you wanna step up your notifications to the next level, make sure to get the Fini Notification System!


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