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Cloud Config - Weapon & Clothing

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Ayy, it's 2020 time to leave config "files" and head to Cloud Configs. 

Why use this product? to easily change Config_Weapons & Config_Clothing without the hustle of restarting your server.

Easy User Experience.

Includes Weapon and Clothing UI.

Ingame users with the admin level can reload store configs.

Includes Ingame Panel to Reload configs.

IMPORTANT: Product will not receive any further updates, updates will be pushed if any bugs appear in the future.

Feel free to ask for a stream of the product.
Web Panel hosted on our servers.



This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

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The Best , Thank you

This has gone to the next level, with everything that he has done he should get 10 stars. The script is really handy since it allows you to edit gun and clothing shops even if the server is live. No more Oh crap I forgot a price or a mag has to shut down server BS. You go into the cloud-config and boom its there make a live fix. He has a very easy UI to understand and I have to say the custom clothing shop UI in-game is super sexy. I would suggest this for everyone.

It is a really good system, easy to understand and not difficult to insert! Recommend to many people to buy it. The only thing missing and which would have given me only 4 stars would be that you can do it with cars as well but they are already working on it. Great job done! Everyone to recommend! Peace and Out Nils#2020

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