Arma Server - Prosperous Software & Web Panel

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Arma Server - Prosperous Software & Web Panel

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Arma Server - Prosperous Software & Web Panel

Intended for arma server operators to give them the tools to success and prosper. Whether it be monitoring server performance or scheduling restarts you will have the tools in your hands to do so.


A to-the-point management system for servers & users. Users will log-in with their steam account to ensure safety and unwanted access, you add a steamID when you add a user. You can instantly change permissions for a group or user's group and it will take effect immediately.
Create, Uninstall & Delete servers
View & Edit server configs
Add & Remove users
and More!


Server's CPU, Memory, Online players are available on the Server's Overview. The past day & month of stats are viewable in detailed charts specific to each server.


Manage multiple servers
Manage multiple users
Manage server & user groups
Server commands scheduler
View & Monitor telemetry (statistics)


*This software only works with windows x64*

This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

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