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Altis Police Texture Collection

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Hello all,


V1.1 : 
- Texture file clean-up (made file sizes smaller).
- Livery pattern updated for SUV & Hatchback

We wish to offer you one BIG texture pack consisting of all our police texture packs! In this you can deck out your entire police force with one simple and easy pack. Easily customisable and can adapt your own police crest into the textures.

Everything is either a .JPG/JPEG and/or .PNG format to easily convert and edit.

What is in this product?


Altis Police Uniforms Pack

- Standard Lower Rank Uniform, Asset: (U_B_GEN_Commander_F)

- Standard Command Uniform, Asset: (U_B_GEN_Commander_F)

- Specialist SWAT Uniform based off SCO19/UK Counter Terror Firearms Officer, Asset: (U_B_CombatUniform_mcam)

- NPAS Pilot, Asset: (U_B_HeliPilotCoveralls)


Altis Land Vehicles Pack

    - SUV

- Hatchback

- Qilin

- Prowler

- Hunter


Altis NPAS Pack

    - MH9 HummingBird

- Orca

- Hellcat (Can be used for both Unarmed and Armed variants)

- GhostHawk

- BlackFish

- NPAS Pilots Uniform


All of these textures are made by a group of people wanting to share our work! We mostly work on our own server but wish to share our textures!


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