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[AR] fAdmin

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With this new application I’m releasing, your management will be more streamlined as I’ll be adding the features you need. Sit back as the application does its job and prosper. The code’s fast and running on multiple threads. Built with an event-bus it’s configurable and has two dependencies. Suggestions will be taken to heart for new features. Buy now and use the application features below. 


  1. The START.bat file loads up the fAdmin.jar and re-loads if crash
  2. fAdmin.jar then starts an event bus(design pattern) to recieve and send data, like to the web server
  3. fAdmin.jar then starts the web server and assigns it self port 7007
  4. fAdmin.jar then waits for events, like starting the reforger server


  • Each server includes
    • Edit configuration online
    • Permissions for each action
    • Memory usage (view past 7 days in graph)
  • Control for game server
    • Start and Stop and Restart 
    • Add & Delete ban(s)
    • Kick online player
    • Ban offline player
    • Send global message(s)
    • Enable or Disable white-lister
  • Control for website server
    • Restart
    • Port change 
    • Add & Delete accounts
    • Update account’s group
    • Add & Delete groups
    • Update group’s permission(s)
    • Override permission for root account
  • Player Database
    • Profile(s)
    • Search guid or name (case-sensitive)
    • Add or Remove profile note(s)
    • Add or Remove from white-listed to join
  • Schedule
    • Start or Stop or Restart server(s)
    • Every 2hr, 4hr, 6hr, etc..
ONLY Windows are supported.
Reforger does NOT have kick messages and will say "ADMIN_KICK" for kicks and bans.
This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

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