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Admin Tool

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The AllianceApps Admin Tool gives you a powerful tool to control your Altis/Tanoa/Malden/Mod Life server. It allows you to quickly do many things required from an admin and features a powerful permission system. You can create multiple admin groups with different permissions or alternatively attach permissions to a single player.


  • Clear and straightforward GUI ("Flat&Simple design")
  • Developed by an experienced SQF scripter
  • High security by using random variable names and validation of RemoteExec functions by the server
  • More than 50 functions
  • Powerful permission system
  • Logs every action taken by a user - can be viewed ingame or in the database
  • Custom keybindings: Every function can be attached to a hotkey of your choosing for fast execution
  • Extensive and modern developer environment - helps a SQF script to work and test fast and easy (for advanced users)
  • Complete access to source code - no encryption/obfuscation
  • Modifications allowed


  • Spectate player
  • Teleport (available via GUI or pressing ALT + mouse on the map)
  • Teleport to other player
  • Teleport other player to your location
  • Teleport ALL players to your location
  • Create car keys
  • Unlock car trunk
  • Open car trunk (without key)
  • Delete object (cursor target)
  • Destroy (explode) object (cursor target)
  • Repair object (cursor target)
  • Heal player
  • Spawn money
  • Tow vehicle
  • Strip player
  • Send admin message to player
  • Send admin message to all players
  • Ask player to contact support (TeamSpeak warning)
  • Arrest/free player
  • Force player to exit vehicle
  • Repair a player's vehicle
  • Repair terrain objects close to user (250m)
  • Copy a player's gear
  • Add licenses
  • Add virtual items (Z/Y-menu)
  • See and delete logs ingame
  • Server stats
  • Kill and revive player
  • Boost player to space
  • Invisible mode
  • Freecam mode
  • Godmode
  • Random skin
  • Freeze player
  • Teleport into players vehicle
  • Teleport player into your vehicle
  • Spawn vehicle
  • Open VR arsenal
  • Keymapper
  • Switch between day and night
  • Zeus lightning
  • See all players on the map (2D ESP)
  • Vehicle godmode
  • Kick player (ingame kick, doesn't require server password)
  • Repair weather (remove rain/fog)
  • 3D markers (name, distance)
  • Jump via keybind

This product is available in English and German.


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