Altis | EMS | Textures Complete Arma III

Altis Life, ArmA 3   

Altis | EMS | Textures Complete Arma III

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Skins that have been made and are available in the game Arma III for servers type Altis, Malden or Tanoa. Skins are made on basic Army III vehicles. 

The pack of skins is made professionally as shown in the pictures. It is made by a graphic designer with a passion for what he does and a high degree of accuracy.

The designs are modeled on Polish rescue vehicles.

Skins available in the package are in JPG format. 

Skins that are included in the package:

- Van (Ambulance)

- Orca


- 3 uniforms

Prints, emblems, inscriptions on ambulances and flags can be changed for a given server.

After purchasing a given package, the customer is asked to contact the skin supplier and within 7 days if he is interested in changes on a given skin.

The change is not paid extra.


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