Bleedout System

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Bleedout System

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A completely new custom bleedout system functioning like a dream!


  • Incapacitation on death (Third-person view with interaction options while dead)
  • Force bleedout (When you are tired of waiting and just wanna die)
  • Completely customizable settings (Preferred buttons, language, blood effects and more)
  • Reviving fit to bleeding out
  • New CPR/Defibrillator system with a chance (Changeable chance)
  • Giving blood function (Extend the lifetime of the dying person)
  • Anything that I have forgotten to make customizable probably can be. Just contact me (the vendor) if you have any questions or requests.


Altis Life RPG V4.4x, 5.0

Windows x64 Server

This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

Latest Reviews

Fantastic product! Exactly what i have been looking for... Looks good.. and flows nicely..

Needed support to make it work with my custom files and the script creator spent hours with me giving personal support to this product..

Thanks again and would highly recomend.

Nice system, works perfectly. I've encounter some issue (due to my fault), the creator gave me a very good support. Creator and system are nice =)

It's a very good product, it works perfectly and its creator responds perfectly to my requests, I'm a bit disappointed that this one is not fully modifiable because I would have liked to change some things, the only thing I would like is that it becomes fully modifiable, whatever happens it uses a whitelist system preventing its theft.

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