Crafting System V2

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Crafting System V2

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You want to offer your players a new challange? The crafting system is the right system for your server! You can craft all you want: Clothing, items, weapons and vehicles.

The crafting system V2 has some important innovations:

  • Integration to locker
  • Blueprints
  • Level
  • Code renewed from scratch


  • Craft ArmA Items, Y-Items and Vehicles
  • Connected with locker: Items are automatically taken from locker inventory to be processed and in the end items can be crafted directly to locker inventory
  • Configurable level: Players can only craft items if certain crafting level is reached
  • Blueprints: Collect and learn blueprints to craft specific items
  • Rarity: Some blueprints can be rarer than others
  • Level and blueprints are saved to database
  • It’s up to you how you categorize and group the items
  • Create diffrent crafting stations and select which groups of items are craftable at each station
  • Additional check: Add an addition condition that must be true to be able to craft item (e.g. player side, license or level)
  • Set crafting process duration for each item
  • Multilingual
  • Headless client support
  • Protected against duping
  • Source code completely commented


ArmA RPG Life Version: 4.4x, 5.0


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