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ArmA Control

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ArmA Control is one of the most popular Altis Life database tool out there - clean design and lots of functions, a great performance and the power of the cloud. This enables server owners and their support teams to provide great und easy support.


  • Login via AllianceApps account or via Steam
  • Search and sort playerlist in realtime
  • Change police, medic, admin, donator and opfor level
  • Change bank account and cash values
  • Add/remove licenses
  • Edit clothing and equipment
  • Search, edit, repair and delete vehicles
  • Change vehicle owner
  • See wanted list
  • See gang list
  • Supportlog to monitor all actions by users
  • Advanced permission system
  • Fast support via Ticket, E-Mail and Discord
  • Built-In RCON client to see online players, kick/ban/message functions


Please note: You are required to create an AllianceApps account to access ArmA Control. This package includes 2 months of service runtime and can be extended inside ArmA Control. Pricing options range from 5,00€/month to 6,59€/month. VAT included. ArmA Control is currently in an end-of-life state, there will not be any major updates. RCON client feature optional.


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