Metal Detector

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Metal Detector

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This project is meant to expand your roleplay experience. The Metal Detector is a map object that you can place in the editor. When a player walks through it, the detector lightens in red (if it detects a weapon in hands or inventory) or green (if nothing is detected). Please watch the demonstration video below.


  • Customization options: you can set colors for default, detected and non-detected states and change sounds.
  • You can set whether detector should detect magazines in the player's inventory or not.
  • You can set player side the detector should react: civilian, cop, medic or every side.
  • An optimized 3d-model that won't hurt your FPS.
Only for modded servers
Compatible with all frameworks
If this is your first product by init_studio, after downloading this product, you will have to fill in a simple Google Form to whitelist your servers. You will find full manual and link to the form inside a download archive.
This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

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