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Altis Life - Factories

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Altis Life - Factories

Factories is a highly flexible system for the Altis life framework that allows players to input items and manufacture them into other items.

Factories UI


  • Highly flexible and customizable config
  • Production time of items can range from 1 minute all the way up to days
  • Production can continue while the player is offline and while the server is down
  • Worker hiring and configurations can be used to speed up production
  • Any item can be manufactured from virtual items to gear items (weapons, attachments, backpacks) to even vehicles
  • Multi-item input and ouput, maybe you want to output 3 Iron Ingots for every 2 Iron Ore
  • Chat notifications so the player knows what items are complete at which factories


A highly flexible config file allows you to make it how you want. From setting the cost of a factory down to the manufacture time of each individual item.
Config Example (Pastebin)

  • Factory cost
  • Factory name
  • Custom condition to access the factory
  • Max workers and cost per worker
  • Overall manufacture time
  • Individual per item manufacture time
  • Map Icon and Color
  • Custom display name and icon per item
  • List of items and amounts required to manufacture
  • List of items and amounts that get produced
  • Custom per item condition to see in the manufacture list

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