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ID Card

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This script allows you to improve roleplaying on your Altis Life server by providing the ability for civilians, cops, and medics to create and present personalized ID cards.
Admins can force players to create an ID right after joining or give them the ability to create it a later point.

ID cards for medics (fire department), civilians and police


  • Clear and straightforward GUI
  • Developed by an experienced SQF scripter
  • Easy-to-understand  config file to configure ID card application and change costs, police/medic rang names and more
  • Force players to use the name used in their ID card (this can be disabled)
  • Storage in players table in database for easy management
  • Native support to view and edit ID cards in ArmA Control
  • Complete access to source code - no encryption/obfuscation
  • Modifications allowed
  • Special ID card for fire department and cops
  • Possibility to create fake IDs
  • PSD file provided for you to modify our existing design or to create your own

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