Fini Anti-Hack & Admin Tools

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Fini Anti-Hack & Admin Tools

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Fini Anti-Hack & Admin Tools

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Arma
Evolution Gaming
Anus Life

Admin Tools

Our admin tools are some of the best in Arma. The tools offer the flexibility that admins need to perform their duties whilst retaining the features a developer will need to debug even the most complicated of bugs.
The admin menu offers a complex yet simple permission system to make sure your admins are doing what they're supposed to be doing; Administrating.

Hack Detection

The anti-hack implements detection systems never seen before in competing products. The anti-hack gives your server the cloud-based protection it deserves.
We protect your server every step of the way, from carefully screening first-time players all the way to notifying admins and offering powerful integration to existing cloud services.
At peak times we ban around twice as many cheaters per day as our competitors.

Dupe Prevention

Economy is important, especially on Life servers where too much money or weapons can easily lead to toxic player behaviors and reduced player satisfaction.
The anti-hack comes with the most sophisticated anti-dupe system available. We block and detect all publicly known toolless dupe methods. You can be sure rare weapons and items stay rare.

"Best admin menu I've ever used" -PsiSyn, a streamer & admin-menu abuser

Due to the aggressive nature and our no-cheating philosophy, the anti-hack may not be plug-and-play on your server if you are running a lot of custom scripts. We provide assistance with the configuration and help you with any logs you may encounter. The anti-hack works within the boundaries Arma scripting and what is possible via scripts, if you have further questions please contact us before purchasing.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message or join my Discord.
Note: Only Windows x64 servers are supported.

This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

Latest Reviews

I dont know who you are but I will find you (its good)

Very good anti-cheat support available and responds quickly, easy administration from their cloud. I switched from infistar to Fini Anti-Hack & Admin Tools and frankly I have no regrets.

Infistar seems absolutely useless compared to Fini Anti-Hack.
First of all, the security improvements that Fini brings to Arma is crazy, but not just that.
The admin menu it self is much more simple to use and honestly way easier to figure out than Infistar.
Would 100% recommend.
5 Stars for sure!

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